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03 novembre 2005

The Hacker's Choice

THC is an acronym for 'The Hacker's Choice' and a group of international experts involved in network and system security. THC was founded in 1995 in Germany, has published over 60 software releases and technical papers and currently is among the top ten security groups worldwide.

The major focus of THC is to investigate and analyze common security solutions and propose concepts for circumventing security mechanisms. Such concepts range from technical papers demonstrating security aspects of loadable kernel modules to highly efficient network analysis and penetration test software. THC is a non-commercial group and all releases, papers and even this web site have been developed in the free time of the THC members.

In the THC release section you will find the collection of THC software applications.
It includes sophisticated network analysis and penetration test tools, cryptographic utilities that mimic fingerprint collisions or extrapolate credit card numbers and a lot of other interesting stuff for the security expert's pleasure.



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