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18 luglio 2005

[Dev] .NET MustHave Tools

Una lista di tools che ogni programmatore dovrebbe avere, io li uso tutti e non potrei più farne a meno.

Quindi attenzione, sono da usare con cautela...danno dipendenza!

Li ho messi nell'ordine in cui mi sono venuti in mente,non sono in ordine di importanza.

  1. Lutz Roeder's .NET Reflector:
    is a free class browser for .NET components. It supports assembly and namespace views, type and member search, XML documentation, call and callee graphs, IL, Visual Basic, Delphi and C# decompiler, dependency trees, base type and derived type hierarchies and resource viewers.
    Reflector Add-In for Visual Studio .NET.
  2. The Regulator:
    an advanced, free regular expressions testing and learning tool.It allows you to build and verify a regular expression against any text input, file or web, and displays matching, splitting or replacement results within an easy to understand, hierarchical tree.
  3. ReSharper:
    JetBrains ReSharper is a Visual Studio .NET add-in that brings intelligent C# code editing and coding assistance features to VS.NET. By intelligent features we mean usage search, powerful refactorings, smart type completion, using assistant and more. In brief, ReSharper truly understands C# code.


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